Create a shortened, custom URL to promote any web page & include it in a text or e-mail. Every click can be tracked within our customer user interface.

A mini-URL is a powerful marketing tool when you use it carefully. It is not just a link but a medium between your customer and their destination. A mini-URL allows you to collect important data about your customers and their behaviors.

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What is a mini-URL?

A mini-URL, or short URL is the same as a URL, but shortened with fewer elements in it. There is no real difference between a mini-URL and a long one, other than the number of characters contained within them. They both direct users to the same place exactly.

Why would I use a mini-URL?

The main reason to shorten a regular URL into a mini-URL is to save space. With text messages and social media posts, character space is at a premium, so smart marketers must make the most out of the character space given. Another reason to use them is because you can track a mini-URL. Using the TL Connects platform, merchants can make as many mini-URLs as they need to and track each one independently. That means merchants could send their customers a text message containing a mini-URL and each click would be tracked where they could go back and see how many times that link was clicked. At the same time, they can create another mini-URL to use on a Facebook post and track it also. Then, when using the User Dashboard, they can compare to see which was most successful.

TL Connects merchants can make an unlimited number of trackable mini-URLs and they never expire.

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