Digital Loyalty

No Punch Cards. No App Downloads. 20-second sign-up process. Available now with a kiosk or via a custom mobile web app.

Offer an exciting rewards program that will drive customers back in-store, with no cards or app downloads. With the Digital Loyalty program, customers have multiple easy ways to engage your business. Your customers can scan a QR code or click a text link to visit the mobile web app where they will enter a mobile phone number to sign-up, check-in or redeem an offer. Merchants can also add an in-store kiosk to have two separate channels in which customers can interact with the same program.

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Our digital loyalty program gives you the ability to track customers' habits and engage them based on specific critera helping you create a more meaningful relationship with your customers.

Do you have a way to know if a customer hasn't visited your business in 20, 40, or 60 days? How valuable would it be to send an automated text inviting those lapsed customers to return within 7 days? When our customers implement this strategy they see upwards of 25% of their lapsed customers coming back each month.

How does the Digital Loyalty Program work?

  • Customer signs in to the program via the mobile web app or In-store Sign-up & Loyalty Kiosk
  • Customer opts into the program by replying "Yes" to the auto-response text and then receives the optional sign-up offer
  • Customer checks in via the mobile web app or kiosk each time they visit thereafter until they reach the loyalty offer
  • Upon reaching the check-in goal, customers will earn their reward, redeemable on the next visit.
  • Automated text messages can be set up to text customers automatically when they don't visit after a specified period of time.
  • and more!
Text Marketing and Loyalty Platform

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